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At Delta Level 2 we can provide routine dental care for patients in the low-risk category.

We can provide telehealth consultations for patients who fall into the high-risk category. We will endeavour to assist you firstly in this way. The telehealth consultation fee is $95.00.

Our hours are Monday to Wednesday 9am – 3pm, Thursday and Friday 9am to 5pm. For an appointment, please phone 06 385 9202 and leave a message or email

If you require urgent or emergency dental care outside of these hours contact:
The Dentists, 163 Wickseed St, Whanganui Ph: 06 345 3030

For weekend emergencies:
Whanganui After Hours Dentist  Ph: 027 444 4185 (9am-11am) 

You are in the low-risk category if you answer NO to all the following questions:

a. Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?

b. Are you a probable COVID-19 case, been asked to self-isolate or waiting for test results?

c. In the last 14 days have you had close contact with other people who are probable or confirmed to have COVID-19? Travelled overseas in the last 14 days and been required to quarantine since your arrival in New Zealand? Worked on an international aircraft or shipping vessel? Exited a MIQ Facility? Stayed in or travelled from an area with an evolving community outbreak?

d. Do you have new or worsening symptoms of an acute respiratory infection with at least one of the following?
cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, temporary loss of smell with or without fever? Do you have any less typical symptoms such as: fever only, diarrhoea, headache, myalgia, nausea/vomiting or confusion/irritability – where there is no other likely diagnosis?

In the last 14 days before the start of symptoms have you:

Had direct contact with someone who has travelled overseas (excluding travel by air from a quarantine free travel area. This includes border staff, quarantine and isolation facility staff, and international aircraft and shipping vessel crew, except those who have travelled exclusively between NZ and QFT destinations?

Worked on an international aircraft or shipping vessel (excl. from a QFT)?
Cleaned at an international airport or maritime post in areas/conveniences visited by international arrivals (excl. areas for travellers from QFT?). 

Worked in cold storage areas of facilities that receive imported chilled and frozen goods directly from an international and maritime port?

Please keep safe.

Filtered Air

We have just purchased an Aerosol Capture System to help protect ourselves and our patients during these uncertain times.

This new machine works like a giant vacuum or extractor fan that has a specially designed filter inside that catches viruses and aerosols to stop them from spreading around the room. This keeps you and us safer from any virus.

Once you are seated in the chair we will pass the funnel to you, make it comfortable and ask you to lightly hold it with 1 hand. 

Opening Hours: Mon - Wed: 9:00am - 3:00pm | Thu: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Phone: 06 385 9202 | Email: